I'm Tina! I’m a conscious, zen, 40-something, wife & mom to 3 grown kids and 3 fur babies. I’m crazy about yoga, fantasy-fiction novels, glamping, and being #boss.

I believe in living your BEST life every day, aging gracefully, and simple solutions that make wellness easy and convenient. I believe that natural medicine doesn’t have to look, taste, or feel like medicine! 


I thrive on simple, holistic living and giving my clients exactly what they need to feel good, protect themselves, and bring their A game all day - every day. I love sending care packages, going the extra mile, and spoiling my friends with samples and gifts made with love. 

I help #slaydies, entrepreneurs, #wahms, yogis, any anyone suffering from overwhelm, find natural wellness solutions that they can feel good about, #levelup their mindset, and slay those work/life goals.

Basically I make it simple!

I love to share everything I've learned about transitioning to a cleaner, healthier life without a major life disruption. Because creating a good life shouldn't be painful - it should be FUN and deeply fulfilling!


With a healthy, positive mindset, a strong, healthy body, and alignment with purpose we all have the power to create our happiest, most productive lives that can leave the kind of legacy and memories that make us proud.

I'm doing it and so can you!

On my site I'll be sharing about 5 topics I'm crazy passionate about.

Here is what you can expect to find:

Granola Life - This is my journey from oblivious suburbanite into living a greener, more eco friendly lifestyle. I'm a total newbie and I'll be sharing what I learn and how I'm incorporating this new thing into my life.

From Miss to Ma'am - I've hit midlife and the transition is pretty interesting. I share what I'm learning about aging gracefully, and moving into the second half with ease.

Like a Boss - What I've learned, how I built my biz, hacks and tips for getting it all done and done WELL.

Essential Oil Love - How I use them as an alternative to traditional healthcare, and why I LOVE them!

Using Your Head - how to train your brain to work for you and become your best weapon for success. Winners think differently than most people, that's what set's them apart. I am a student of the mind and its amazing abilities to level up and design our best lives! I will be sharing what I have learned and developed in my own life.


Please join me and comment on my blog posts - I really want to hear from you! Looking forward to getting to know you!

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