Meet: Modere

My toxin-free living journey began when one of my kids had a health scare. I was faced with the decision of really powerful medications that had serious side effects and as a mom I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. So I started to research and I discovered the incredible ability our bodies have to heal themselves, IF we would only stop overloading our systems with toxins. I discovered that when we are continually adding toxins to our body we bog it down and it spends all its time trying to clean that stuff up - and it has less of an opportunity to do what it should be doing - healing. That’s when reducing the toxic load in my home, what we use on our bodies, and what we eat became a priority for me!

I was introduced to Modere by a friend and I was hooked! Their commitment to clean, safe, effective products and their super easy shopping experience was a no-brainer for me. I feel so good knowing that the products we use help our bodies - not hinder them. I started shopping Modere and I haven’t looked back since!

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