I LOVE to work. I love being a contributor to my household, I love helping my husband provide for our family, like a team, as a partner and in a substantial way. I also LOVE being a mom, going to my kids games, class parties, and being involved in the PTA. Unfortunately, because I worked most of the years my kids were young I had to choose between being a working mom and a mom involved with kid activities. Sadly, I was never in the PTA, I missed quite a few games and I never attended class parties because I had a job that didn't have flexible hours.


It bothered me a LOT. Finally, I decided that I wanted to go for it and start my own business and my husband and I took a leap and went for it - and succeeded! We created an amazing business, I had flexible hours and I was able to start being a participating mom. BUT  I had clients that missed me when I was gone, expected me to be available during business hours and basically still a full time job that was now bleeding into my personal time.


This isn't what I wanted - for years I was unhappy and guilty because I was so fortunate - what was wrong with me? Then I realized I wanted it all - flexibility, financial freedom, work that I enjoyed AND work-life balance. Was that even possible? I had to know.


That's when I found another way. With this opportunity I have the ability to have the flexibility I want along with the income potential I need. This is truly an opportunity to design my life the way I want it - and my friend the opportunity is the same for you!


If you are interested in finding out how you too can live the life you desire - on your own terms - click the button below, fill out the questionnaire and I will send you more information on this amazing opportunity. There is nothing to lose - and really, everything to gain by taking a little bit of time to check it out. I'd really love to partner with you and do this thing together!