5 Mantras to Slay Your Work Day


Are you living for the weekends? Do you get those ‘smonday’ blues on Sunday nights just dreading Monday? Does the thought of going into work make your stomach hurt?


Do you ever wonder why you feel that way? Is it really because work is such a pain or is it because you have grown to believe that based on your thought life? What if you have bought into a story about how much work sucks that you have designed yourself and it’s mostly untrue? And what if you have the ability to change the way you think about work and that’s all it would take to lessen the pain you feel about it?

Sometimes a little mindset work is all we need to change things around for us

Mantras are huge when it comes to changing your mind and leveling up your thought patterns. Since most of what we believe is designed by the stories we tell ourselves, using mantras to develop new stories is really all it takes to overcome negative thinking. Pretty amazing AND super simple!


My day job can be hectic, stressful, sometimes wrought with difficult conversations, big scary deadlines and lots more work than time to do it in. These kind of pressures can become poison if I look at them as impossibilities and before I know it I could be hating my job - and that’s no way to live! And the worst thing is that perspective isn’t even accurate.


Not only do we as humans have the power to dictate our future - we also can dictate our present. These mantras help me to stay positive, productive, and best of all help me to see what I’m doing as an exciting adventure - not as an overwhelming, impossible, feat.


I am able to accomplish everything I need to


I choose to let work be easy and enjoyable


Time is on my side and helps me accomplish all of my goals


I deliver amazing service and value to my clients each and every day


I am gifted and talented and my efforts produce great outcomes


If this sounds a little “woo-woo” to you I get it, but I know for a fact that nothing makes me less productive than an anxious, worried, stressed out mind. In that state I’m ineffective, grouchy, and even scared and that’s not where my best work is produced. So instead I choose to use these mantras and they keep me positive, productive and effective. That’s a definite win!


Do you use mantras? Do you use them at work? I’d love to hear how you do!